Empowering Dreams, Embracing Excellence

At Talco, we believe in people, and we're on a mission to build a workplace where Talkactive conversations, Accuracy, Lively spirit, Creativity, and Optimism shape our journey. Join us to empower dreams and embrace excellence.


Talkactive, Accuracy, Lively, Creativity, Optimism.

In our quest for greatness, we hold a deep conviction that the key to extraordinary achievements lies in loving what you do. Talco is more than a workplace; it's an environment designed to bring out the best in our team members.

Join us at Talco, where people come first, and together, we build a workplace that transcends the ordinary - a workplace where dreams become a reality.

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  • Communicative and Creative

  • Active on Social media

  • Digital profiency

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

  • Basic skill video editing

  • Fluent English

Job Description

  • Create engaging and creative content across various platforms, including but not limited to social media, blogs, and websites.

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop content strategies that align with the company's goals.

  • Generate ideas and concepts for multimedia content, ensuring a consistent brand voice.

Content Creator



  • In-depth understanding of social media platforms and current trends.

  • Strong writing and communication skills.

  • Experience in managing social media campaigns.

  • Creative and innovative in content development.

Job Description

  • Create and schedule engaging content for social media platforms.

  • Analyze the performance of social media campaigns and provide periodic reports.

  • Develop strategies to enhance online presence and engagement.

Social Media Admin

Full-Time (On-Site Assignment)


  • Experience in producing high-quality videos.

  • Understanding of framing, lighting, and visual composition.

  • Proficiency in camera equipment and related accessories.

  • Creative, innovative, and able to work within deadlines.

Job Description

  • Produce high-quality video content for project needs.

  • Ensure camera and lighting equipment is in optimal condition.

  • Collaborate with the creative team to develop visual concept ideas.

  • Ensure video quality aligns with brand policies.




  • Experience in video editing using current software.

  • Understanding of filming techniques and camera assisting skills.

  • Efficient working ability within deadlines.

  • Creative with the ability to bring fresh ideas into the editing process.

Job Description

  • Assist in setting up and positioning cameras for optimal shots.

  • Manage and maintain camera equipment during shoots.

  • Handle video editing to create high-quality content.

  • Provide support in the filming process, such as handling camera equipment.

  • Collaborate with the creative team to produce the final product in line with the project's vision.

  • Ensure visual quality and aesthetics of the video.

Video Editor